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A Daisy Bracelet or cuff from my new book….

Hello, stitching world ♬❤♬ Hope you are well and happy and enjoying your embroidery!

I thought you would enjoy seeing this gorgeous piece that I made for our new book, The art of felting and silk ribbon embroidery that will be available very soon!

It’s a daisy bracelet or cuff and it looks perfect when worn with a long sleeve jersey or T.


Read more about the kit here


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Daisy Bracelet by Di van Niekerk


I first saw these cuffs when I was in St Petersburg and in Paris and admired how they finished off the outfits so perfectly.  The bracelet/cuffs are easy to create and also makes a lovely gift for someone special in your life.


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 A Daisy Bracelet by Di van Niekerk



You are welcome to read more about the book and its projects here.


Textile Artist_Felting


To pre-order your copy, there are a number of options:



In the next two weeks, I will be adding the various kits for this book to my website. 



I will also send out a newsletter in September with all the updates and exciting new ventures.


Enjoy your day today!






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