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A gorgeous Fairy by Renee Hatfield


Hi everybody, Hope you are having a good week!

To brighten up your day, I think you will just love this little Fairy made by Renee Hatfield from Clayton, NC in the USA! 

Have a look at her Red Clover Fairy…


Click on the image to enlarge




Don’t you just love the little bee and the way that Renee made her hair and the wings? This Fairy is made from a kit that Renee bought from us. 


Hope she has inspired you today! Thank you, Renee!


The Red Clover Fairy panel is available to those who have my Flower Fairy book. You are welcome to order the kit by emailing: info@dicraft.co.za and ask for the Red Clover Fairy kit from the Flower Fairy book.






French Fairies book


Till Next time, happy stitching!







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