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BATB 2018


International workshops – BATB 2018


I am happy to tell you that, if there is enough interest, I will be teaching three workshops at BATB (Beating Around The Bush), the world’s most beautiful international needlework convention.


 Woollen throw by Di van Niekerk



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Diagram of a Fuchsia







BATB 2018 will be held in the beautiful grounds of Immanuel College, in Adelaide Australia from Wednesday the 3rd of October to Wednesday the 10th of October 2018.


I will be teaching for the absolute beginner to the advanced embroiderer as follows:


1-day workshop: the Medallion Rose Bracelet on felted wool and crocheted cotton.

2-day workshop: the Fuchsias on felted wool and silk

3-day workshop: all the countryside flowers and a Sunbird on a felted wool throw/blanket or a cushion.


To see the projects for the three workshops… download the poster here

pdf Catalogues, WORKSHOPS - BATB-2018 (5.3 MB)


The BATB Catalogue will be available from 29 Sep at www.beatingaroundthebush.com.au, with bookings opening on 5 Feb ’18. Enquiries can be emailed to [email protected]


The good news is that my talented friend and gifted teacher, Karen Fraser, will be flying out from California to help me with my workshops so there will be two teachers in the classroom! So looking forward to seeing you there! 






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