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Beautiful stumpwork


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Hope you had a lovely week ^•^  I have something lovely to brighten up your weekend.


Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum (Happy) who lives in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong.

Kwok Wing Sum works in clinic and after office hours, she spends all her free time making beautiful embroidered pieces. She enjoys designing her pictures – flowers, golden birds, ribbon flowers….



Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum

Embroidered by Kwok Wing Sum


Most of these techniques you will learn from my RES book or from my DVDs.


Thank you Kwok Wing Sum for brightening up our day  

I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.


Next week I have a precious little hedgehog and a Christmas deer made by this talented embroiderer :)


Do keep in touch to see more stunning work.


Have a good weekend and Bruce and I are sending some hot African Sunshine to everyone in the cold parts of the world 



African Sunshine by Bruce van Niekerk







8 Responses to Beautiful stumpwork

  1. Wavatar srishti shaw says:

    How to make those fluffy flowers?


  2. Wavatar Roseli Alves says:

    gostaria que voce ensina este bordado 3D

  3. Wavatar noelia Machado says:

    Esta muy bello los bordados si quiero aprender,yo se manualidades y quiero aprender esas técnicas de bordado

  4. Wavatar Khushbakht says:

    How do you make those ball type flowers??

    • Hello, to make the ball-type flowers, cover a bead with thread by inserting needle through hole of the bead, over and back into the bead, working with a even tension until it is covered. You could also use silk ribbon. Have a look on page 103 of my Ribbon embroidery and Stumpwork (RES) book – the blue book with the flower sampler on the cover. Enjoy :)

    • Wavatar Rosemary Killcross says:

      All absolutely gorgeous. How do you make the fluffy little flowers?

  5. Wavatar Marie-Claire says:

    Ooooooooooooooo this is so beautiful .CONGREATULATION

  6. Wavatar maretti christine says:

    Tout est magnifique , quel plaisir de voir tant de belles broderies !

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