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A Lovely Little Rose Tree

  Good morning stitching world! I have been so busy with the preparations for my workshops in Adelaide, Australia that I haven’t had much time to blog! But I have made a lovely new kit for you that I think you will love.       It’s small and uncomplicated and a perfect gift for a […]

How to embroider a landscape in ribbon embroidery – Chapter 3

  Hi everybody! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. It’s been raining nicely in Cape Town and there’s snow in the mountainous areas. The fire is going and everyone is happy ♥       This is Chapter 3 of the  Pink Delight project, a project that I have been teaching online. See chapter 1 here and […]

A gorgeous Fairy by Renee Hatfield

  Hi everybody, Hope you are having a good week! To brighten up your day, I think you will just love this little Fairy made by Renee Hatfield from Clayton, NC in the USA!  Have a look at her Red Clover Fairy…   Click on the image to enlarge     Don’t you just love the little […]

a Beautiful piece from Georgia

  Hello stitching world! I have something to inspire you today… Beautiful ribbon embroidery by  Marika Mamuchishvili from Tbilisi in Georgia. Tranquil Waters   and more detail…   Click on the image to enlarge   THANK you Marika, for sharing your awesome talent with all of us! I love your swans! Let’s hope her beautiful masterpiece […]

A talented painter and embroiderer from Romania

  ♫♥♫♫♥ Hello stitching world! I have something beautiful to show you today, really lovely ribbon and thread embroidery by Leahu Marina Pavel (Ляху Марина) who is originally from Romania and now living in Moscow. I just love her style! Click on the image to enlarge     Maria wrote to me: “Several years ago I found your […]

Through our eyes

  Good morning! I thought you would like to see what I see on our hikes around Cape Town. We are a group of 5 or 6 friends (we call ourselves the Walky Talkies for obvious reasons!) and we try to hike every weekend as it’s such a good way to stay fit and to […]

Mandala Book - Introduction

            A Sanskrit word meaning circle, ‘Mandala’ essentially refers to a circle with a centre point from which a symmetrical design radiates. Found in so many natural forms like flowers, snowflakes, starfish, spider webs, etc., the mandala has been used in many cultures as a spiritual or ritualistic symbol representing […]

BATB 2018

  International workshops – BATB 2018   It is a great privilege to be invited to teach at the prestigious event, BATB 2018 which will be held in Adelaide, Australia in October 2018. BATB is the International Needlework Convention and embroiderers from all around the world, from the complete beginner to the advanced, gather to […]

How to embroider a landscape in ribbon embroidery – Chapter 2

     How to embroider a landscape in ribbon embroidery – Chapter 2 Good morning, it’s freezing here in Cape Town, we have had such good rains and there is snow on the mountains and Capetonians are ecstatic. We were all planning for day zero, “Day Zero” when Cape Town was set to turn off […]

Twirled Ribbon Rose

  Twirled ribbon rose The twirled ribbon rose is a wonderful stitch to use when making roses and rosebuds.   Here I used my 7mm silk ribbon no. 43 on a size 18 chenille needle…       1. Come up in the centre and gently twist the needle to form a neat tubular shape.     2. […]

How to embroider a landscape in ribbon embroidery - Chapter 1

  How to embroider a landscape in ribbon embroidery   Chapter 1     ♪♫•*¨*• Hi everybody! I hope you have had a good week. It’s COLD in Cape Town and everyone is so thankful for the lovely rain which we so desperately need. Our dams are still too low for the summer season. Cape Town […]

Feather Stitch

  Feather Stitch   Feather stitch is a good choice for shrubs and hedges and fills up detail quickly. Best used with one or two strands out of the six-strand threads for landscape designs, it is worked the same way as fly stitch but, instead of making a single stitch, insert the needle to the […]

Happy Christmas!

  Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy Christmas! May Peace be your gift and your blessing all year through!         

Marvellous Creations by Anna Moiseenko

Good morning, stitching world ◕‿◕   It’s nearly time for the holidays and I hope all the preparations are going well!   I have something spectacular to share with you today, by a very talented ribbon embroiderer, Anna Moiseenko from Sevastopol on the Black Sea.   Here is her first creation titled, Magnolias in bloom… Isn’t it lovely?   […]

Lucky Give-Away Winners

˙·٠•●Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ●•٠·˙ I have good news for three lucky winners this month!   In my last newsletter, I wrote:   ” To celebrate our new beginnings we are having a fabulous giveaway! Every silk ribbon embroidery kit that is ordered and shipped for our customers from today until the end of November will go into a draw and […]

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