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Free Tutorial- L is for Love on Mother's Day

  A Free Tutorial – L is for Love on Mother’s Day   Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere! This tutorial is for every mother who tirelessly looks after the well-being of her children, her animals and her family, day after day, no matter what. I salute you all! This is the second free tutorial […]

Satin Couching

Satin couching Use satin couching for a smooth, raised initial: couch perlé no 8 or 12 thread or six strands of cotton thread in place (see couching). Couch the rows close together; make a few more rows on top of the first layer, especially towards the centre of the initial. By stitching two (or even […]

A Beautiful Place by Marie Mordue

  Good Morning! Don’t you just love this piece – A Beautiful Place by Marie Mordue from Dundee in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.       Marie wrote:   “Before I started on my picture, I studied it closely, getting an idea of the colours and materials I would be using. I did the pillars […]

The A Monogram- a Free Tutorial

    ♥ George Eliot wrote: What do we live for if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?   Hello Stitching World, I hope you are all safe and well. What with many countries being in lockdown and others opting to stay safe at home, I thought you may like […]

Stem Stitch Filling

  Stem Stitch Filling is row upon row of closely packed stem stitches. Make the first row of stem stitches, stitching along the edge of the shadow outline, then make a second row alongside, repeating until the shape is formed.           Enjoy!

Grab Stitch

  Grab Stitch   Click on the image to enlarge      

Danielle by Maha Chaya from Dubai

Hello Stitching World, I hope you are well and safely at home, away from this virus. What with the lockdown in so many countries, I say thank goodness for our embroidery, it’s certainly keeping many of us busy and content with having to stay indoors! If there’s anything I can help you with, please, email […]

You and I - Beautiful Silk Ribbon Embroidery

  Hello, stitching world ♥ I hope you and your family are all safe and well. I have something lovely to show you by the talented Christine Chan from Arcadia in Los Angeles County. Christine always shares so generously with us, and for this, I am thankful. She is sure to inspire many of you with this […]

Blue Bench in a Rose Garden

  Hello, stitching world ♥ I hope you are safe and well, and that it stays that way.  Today I have a free tutorial for you with some really good ideas. What with everything that is happening in the world and with social distancing and self-isolation, hopefully, this post will inspire you today. You may feel like […]

A talented embroiderer from Chicago

  *¨*•♫♪ღ  Today I have some beautiful pieces to share with you from a talented designer and embroiderer living in Chicago. Have a look. Don’t you think her creations are spectacular?         I heard about Andrea Birkan when Rosemary, my sister-in-law, showed me a lovely book that Andrea is featured in and then […]

The Butterflies

  The Butterflies   Don’t you think that the delicate Campanula flowers are a perfect companion for the butterflies? I used various techniques including stumpwork for this design and I will teach it in a 3-day class in Appleby, England, at the Lady Anne’s Needlework Festival to be held from 4 to 17 July 2021. […]


  It’s Friday ♫♬♪ and I thought you would enjoy seeing this beautiful masterpiece by Emma Kriegler from Stilbaai in South Africa Titled “Oranges-and-Bougainvillea” this lovely project is now available in kit form… perfect for all embroiderers :)   Click on the image to enlarge       To see close-up photographs of this beautiful […]

The Countdown is on! BATB 2020

  The Countdown Is On | BATB 2020     Don’t miss out! Why not join me in Australia in October? It’s so much fun! In a few days’ time, the bookings open for this world-class event in Australia. I will be teaching three workshops at BATB 2020 and registration opens on 3rd February 2020. […]

A Ballerina.....

    Hello everybody  ♥   I thought I would introduce you to a gifted embroiderer: Olga Smirnova from Saint-Petersburg in Russia   She made this exquisite ballerina and this is sure to brighten up your day!   Click on the images to enlarge                           […]

How to Trapunto the Periwinkle Fairy

  Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk   Trapunto   Trapunto (from the Italian word trapungere meaning to embroider) is an ideal method for raising a shape (such as a Fairy) up off the surface of the design. It is a form of padded embroidery where the shape is outlined in small stab stitches, […]

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