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An orange tree

  Hello! Hope you had a good weekend :)   I have a lovely cushion to show you by Susan Stelly-Adams from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA.    Susan has been needle-crafting for over 30 years, starting out with embroidery and cross-stitching. It has only been in the past 2 years that she started doing stumpwork.  […]

Beautiful Handbags

  Good morning ◕‿◕   Can you believe it’s the weekend again? How time flies! Today I have some gorgeous handbags to show you by Mona Emadi from Christchurch in New Zealand.    Click on the images to enlarge     and here is the close-up detail:       Mona wrote to me:    ” […]

A Beautiful new kit for you

  G’Day, stitching world ♫♬♪♫♬♪♫♬♪   Oh but I have a beauty for you today! A Beautiful Place by the talented teacher and friend: Annamaria Kelly, from Fourways in Johannesburg, South Africa. Click on image to enlarge This beauty is now packed into kit form especially for you and… it is eligible for the International Silk […]

Precious Roses

  ♫♬♪ Good morning… a beautiful day in Cape Town. Hope you are having a good week :)   Today I am sending you precious Roses from the exceptionally talented artist: Nigar Hikmet from Yeşilyayla köyü – Düzce in TÜRKİYE   Click on the images to enlarge     And another gorgeous rose…     And especially […]

Little birds in a Crazy quilt

  Greetings to you from Newlands in Cape Town! Today I have some delightful little birds to share with you by Lisette Root from Southern Oregon in the USA.   Click on the images to enlarge     Lisette wrote to me:   “Hello from beautiful Southern Oregon, USA! I sure love opening your emails; […]

Wicker Chair and Cosmos

  ◕‿◕ Good morning to you…  I think you will  love this gorgeous masterpiece by Rabia Motala from Ridgeway in Johannesburg — a wicker chair in a garden of Cosmos, Roses and Delphiniums…   Don’t you wish you were sitting in this lovely garden?   Click on the image to enlarge     …. and the […]

Red Poppies from Larissa

  Hello stitching word — I hope your week has started out well :))))   To brighten up your day, I have some lovely Red Poppies to show you by Larissa Boychencko from Khmelnytsky in the Ukraine.   Click on the image to enlarge     Larissa wrote to me: “I like needlecraft, crochet, knitting—anything […]

Dandelion Flower Fairy

  Today I have a beautiful Fairy to show you…I am sure that many of you will enjoy seeing him, as he looks so happy under the Dandelions :)   The Dandelion Flower Fairy™, embroidered by the talented Marina Zherdeva from Moscow: my friend and stockists of all my ribbons, panels, books and DVDs.     This is the […]

From Tetiana

  Good Morning, Goeie more, HOWDY, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Guten Morgen, Selamat Pagi, Buenos Dias, God Morgen, Dobroye utro, Boker tov, kunjhani, Buenos Días, Wilujeng Enjing, Günaydin, Umhlala gahle, Bom Dia, добро утр-dobro utro,  Dobro jutro, G ‘day, Góðan daginn, בוקר טוב!!!, Hyvää huomenta, Dzień Dobry, Sugeng Enjing, Cao An, Ohayo Gozaimasu,  Labas Rytas,  Bună […]

Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk - Hint 1

  Hints and tips from Di van Niekerk   Using Cling Wrap to protect your work   ◕‿◕  Good morning…I thought you would enjoy a free hint when working on a three-dimensional design.   Click on image to enlarge     If the loose-fitting appliqué or stumpwork shapes are bothering you whilst you stitch, or […]

A beautiful book

  Good morning everybody ♫♬♪♫ I want to show you my friend: Hazel Blomkamp’s new book — it is fabulous!   Click on the image to enlarge   Crewel twists Fresh ideas for Jacobean embroidery Hazel Blomkamp Published by Metz Press     Here are some of the gorgeous designs in the book:  Click on […]

The Rose-Hip Fairy

  Good morning ´¯`•.¸.☀♥ I have a lovely Flower fairy to show you today: The Rose Hip Fairy by Shirin Vardak from Iran. I just love this little Fairy and the rich colours…   Click on the image to enlarge     Shirin wrote to me: “Firstly, I must say I love you and your work. I […]

Cute little Toadstools

  ♥  Happy Valentine’s Day — I hope you have all been spoiled today :)   I have some cute little stumpwork toadstools to show you by Susan Stelly-Adams from Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA. Susan has been needle-crafting for over 30 years, starting out with embroidery and cross-stitching. It has only been in the past […]

Little bird and a bag

  It’s Friday ♫♬♪ and I thought you would enjoy seeing this beautiful bag by Françoise Marchal from Paris, France… Oh là là but I love the little bird!   Click on image to enlarge.       Françoise wrote to me: “Hello everyone!! My name is Françoise, I am French and I am living in […]

Smell the roses

  ♥♫♥♫♥ G’day, hope you are having a good Wednesday.  This beautiful piece will surely make your day a happier one :)    Click on the image to enlarge   Embroidered by the extremely talented Emma Kriegler, it is one of the new kits in the Dreamscapes series.   To read more about the Dreamscapes […]

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