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Loose/puffed ribbon stitch

Click on the image to enlarge To form loose, puffed leaves, work over a spare tapestry needle (or similar object). Work with a gentle tension so that the stitches are raised off the surface of the fabric.   Stitch diagram is © Metz Press and Di van Niekerk.  

A little lesson from the Dreamscapes WH123 - the bicycle design

  Click on image to enlarge Good morning stitching world :) This is the latest design from the Dreamscapes series and I just love the tranquil shades and the interesting dimensional effects that were created with simple stitches by Emma Kriegler. See how the leaves are made with ribbon stitch? I will tell you a little […]


Click on image to enlarge   Couching: To form interesting stems and branches, or to make basket handles or bicycle wheels, couch thicker yarns or wire in place. This is a good stitch to use when yarn is too thick to thread up in a needle. Use one or two strands of thread and couch […]

Detached chain or lazy daisy

Click on image to enlarge Detached chain stitch or lazy daisy: A single stitch is formed at a time for interesting leaves and a circle of stitches makes a lazy daisy flower. Come up and make a loop. Take the needle and ribbon all the way to the back, holding the loop in place. Come […]

Straight stitch with ribbon

Click on image to enlarge   Straight stitches, worked with ribbon in different lengths, are ideal for making stems, blades of grass and thin, pointed leaves. Best worked with the fabric stretched in a hoop or frame. It is a good idea to work over a spare tapestry needle (or similar object) when you make the […]

Ribbon stitch

Click on image to enlarge Ribbon stitch is probably the stitch which is the most used stitch of all the stitches in ribbon embroidery. To make the stitch, pierce the ribbon before taking the needle to the back. Hold the stitch with your finger as you pull the ribbon through your fabric and stop pulling […]

Straight or stab stitch with thread

Click on image to enlarge   Straight or stab stitches, worked in different lengths, are ideal for making stems, blades of grass and thin, pointed leaves. The stitches should be neither too loose, nor too tight, and work with the fabric stretched in a hoop or frame. Stitches are made stab-stitch-style: take the needle and […]

Working with two needles

Click on image to enlarge When working with two needles: always ensure that one of the needles (with thread or ribbon) lies on the top of your work whilst you stitch with the other. This way, the thread and ribbon won’t become tangled at the back of your work  

Stem stitch

Click on image to enlarge Stem stitch. A slight variation on the traditional stem stitch, this is a way to form a finer line which works well with this kind of embroidery. Instead of making the traditional slanted stitches, insert the needle along an imaginary or drawn line as shown. Longer stitches of 1 to […]

How are you today?

  Good morning from a hot and sunny Cape Town   Sending you some African Sunshine   …..have a beautiful day ♥   Click on the image to enlarge – isn’t he magnificent?                     © Bruce van Niekerk 2010 Bukela Africa Safaris  “Africa With Pride”

New member of the family..

  Good morning, everybody ♫♬♪♫♬ Thought I would introduce you to Milly  ♥ the new baby in the house….   Click on the image to enlarge                           And the baby sleeps… peace in the house at last :)   Welcome Miss Milly Muffett […]

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