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Blommefeetjies – Flower Fairies in Afrikaans

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This is the Flower Fairies™ book in Afrikaans. For the English title, please click here


Die is die Afrikaans boek met die titel: Blommefeetjies in Lintborduur en Stumpwerk. Onder is meer inligting in Engels – jammer, my Afrikaans is nie so goed nie :)



Cicely Mary Barker’s beloved Flower Fairies™, first published in 1923, are an enduring vision of elegance and beauty. Her exquisitely delicate and intricate colour illustrations have captivated both children and adults alike for more than 85 years.


Now, for the first time, five of her beautiful fairies are introduced, not only to ribbon embroidery and stumpwork fans, but also to needle crafters who enjoy creative, three-dimensional embroidery. Designed to appeal to beginners and advanced embroiderers, this book is an indispensable and practical guide for anyone wanting to create these much-loved art works.


Accompanied by easy-to-follow, close-up photography and step-by-step instructions, you will learn how to:


  • embroider the exquisite flowers and leaves in silk and organza ribbon
  • make the delicate stumpwork wings in organza and silky threads
  • use organza and silk ribbon to make appliqué leaves and petals
  • make charming stumpwork insects
  • dress the Fairies in layers of organza
  • embroider the Fairy’s hair
  • embroider the Fairy’s clothing in Long and Short stitch – the easy way
  • make three-dimensional designs using colour, texture and shapes.


You could also use the ideas in this book for other needlecraft projects: choose elements from the Fairies to use in your own creation. The five Flower Fairies™ taught in this book are the:


With numerous new ideas and techniques, this book is a perfect companion for Fairy lovers, ribbon embroiderers, and stumpwork fans!


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Note: to order the Fairy book in English, click here



Blommefeetjies – Flower Fairies in Afrikaans


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