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Box Full of Lessons 10 (Girl Reaching) Complete Kit

Product Information:


NEW! Box Full of Lessons 10 (Girl Reaching) Complete Kit



♫♥♫♥♫ Ideal kit for the beginner to silk ribbon embroidery!


The embroidery panel for Box 10… Click on the image to enlarge



…. and close-up detail of what you will learn to make, step-by-step, in Box Full of Lessons 10  


Click on the images to enlarge



Emma and I have taken step-by-step photographs of how to do the jersey (it is really easy to follow and to do) and the hair, which is also easy to make, as the close-up photographs will show you step-by-step :)


The completed piece… suitable for the beginner to this art form as I have written step-by-step lessons which will show you exactly what to do with close-up photography as a guide.


 Click on the image to enlarge…



This beautiful new kit contains:


1. The embroidery panel with the image which is A3 in size, printed onto a very large 100% cotton (heirloom quality) cloth – ready to embroider. The large cloth will fit easily in your frame or hoop. 


2. The stumpwork panels to make the jersey and jeans separately and then to place on your embroidered piece. This results in a lovely three-dimensional effect.


3. Included in the kit is the lesson which I have written step-by-step with clear and detailed photographs to guide you all along the way.



The lesson (Box Full of Lessons 10) is supplied on a CD for you to read on your computer or you could print the lesson in full colour to make a book. If you would like me to send the lesson as a downloadable file to save on your computer or tablet, I will do so)
SKILL LEVEL: Beginner to advanced – everyone welcome



3. Detailed colour pictures of the embroidered design which will guide you well.





All the beautiful ribbons


27 packets of ribbon from Di van Niekerk’s beautiful range:


  • 2mm x 11 packets (33 metres/yards) silk ribbon
  • 4mm x 13 packets (39 metres/yards) silk ribbon
  • 7mm x 2 packets (4 metres/yards) silk ribbon
  • And 13 mm x 1 packet (1 metre/yard) silk ribbon




All the beautiful threads


  • Total of 14 skeins of thread





The yarns and woolly fibres




  • A piece of leather for the belt and shoes,
  • Raffia and beads for the nest




Chenille mixed pack size 18/24 x 1 Packet 

Chenille size 16 x 1 

Crewel/Embroidery mixed pack size 5/10 x 1 Packet

Quilting/Betweens mixed pack size 5/10 x 1 Packet

Tapestry needle large size 13 x 1


This substantial kit which will bring countless hours of joy… and your masterpiece will enthral you, your friends and family…and everyone else who sees it :)


Box full of Lessons 10 (Girl Reaching) is gorgeous!


♫♥♫♥♫ there will be lots of threads and ribbons leftover to use in another project or to share with a friend.


Click on the images to see the beauty….


The branches and the little nest of eggs


The forest flowers…



Enjoy…. would love to see your photos of this piece



Box Full of Lessons 10 (Girl Reaching) Complete Kit


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8 Responses to Box Full of Lessons 10 (Girl Reaching) Complete Kit

  1. Wavatar Sharon Baumgart says:

    Hi I have the picture but I did not buy the kit, is it possible to get the kit without. I bought my picture in vanderbijlpark by habby and lace & I can’t go back to get my ribbons. I live in Germany I have some of your ribbons but it will not be enough.

  2. Wavatar Stela Maris Cardoso Effting says:

    Oi ,gostaria de pedir este kit, mas preciso de mais informações.
    Sobre quanto é o frete, para o Brasil, mandei outra mensagem mas não tive
    Estou com muita vontade de começar a bordar,acho lindo!

  3. Wavatar nasim says:

    Hi your works are very nice .I like do this work thanks for this .I live in Iran and like learn this work .can you help me?

  4. Wavatar Denise Andersen says:

    Hi Di

    I am looking for an Embroidery Teacher in the CBD Cape Town for private lessons in the evenings.

    Please advise if you can recommend someone.


    Denise Andersen

  5. Wavatar Yesenia Luna Gallegos says:

    Querido Renn y Di, estoy muy feliz por lo que acabo de encontrar en esta página, es algo que yo hago y quiero seguir aprendiendo más de lo que ustedes saben; yo hago bordados en cinta y quiero perfeccionar mis habilidades, por eso les pido que me ayuden hacerlo. Quiero aprender nuevas técnicas del bordado y para eso me gustaría tener los libros y manuales que ustedes venden, si pudieran enviarme consejos sobre cuál es el kit o DVD o libro inicial que debo adquirir, cómo hago el pago y que tiempo tomaría aproximadamente en llegar a mi ciudad, yo les escribo desde la ciudad de Arequipa, mi país es Perú (está en sudamerica).
    Gracias una vez más por la respuesta que puedan enviarme y felicitaciones por todo lo que hacen.

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