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Box of Lessons 16 (Limited Edition) Knitted Handbag with Silk Ribbon Roses – Complete Kit

Product Information:


Please note: this kit has sold out and is no longer be available.



  ♥♥♥  Beautiful NEW Launch AND a Limited Edition! 


Box Full of Lessons 16 


  • A Hand-Knitted Bag with Silk Ribbon Roses and Meadow Flowers…


  • For the complete beginner and the advanced embroiderer, everyone will enjoy this lovely kit!


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Box Full of Lessons 16 by Di van Niekerk



Box Full of Lessons 16 


Beautiful crazy-patch style, hand-knitted background, made from the finest African mohair and bamboo yarns. Size of completed bag is approximately 28.5 cm x 35 cm (11.2 x 14”) Suede leather handles are 60 cm once slung over your shoulder… and they can be adjusted to suit your own taste.


SKILL LEVEL – from beginner to advanced. All welcome.


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Learn (step-by-step) how to create beautiful Roses with silk ribbon and learn how to embroider onto knitted pieces, how to enhance the plainest backgrounds into something unique. Use the same techniques to create designer roses for other projects such as felt hats, brooches, hair slides, jackets, or wedding gowns — the possibilities are endless. 


Easy to make and the close-up photographs will teach you step-by-step in close-up detail. 




Box Full of Lessons complete kit 16 contains:


The beautiful hand-knitted handbag made with African mohair, wool and bamboo yarn, Di’s range of silk ribbons (more than 20 packets of hand-painted silk ribbon in various widths) the backing fabric, suede leather handles and a beautiful suede-like lining for inside the bag, beads and button, threads (assorted threads and wools) needles, close-up colour pictures to guide you. Included are the step-by-step lessons on a CD (in full colour) to view on your computer as a guide after the workshop or to print for your files.


NOTE: this kit is a limited edition. It will be discontinued once the knitted backgrounds are finished.


More about what the kit contains:


Silk Ribbons, Di van Niekerk’s silk ribbon

3 packets of 2mm silk

1 packets of 4mm silk

11 packets of 7mm silk

2 packets of 13mm silk

5 packets of 32mm silk


22 packets of pure silk ribbon to guarantee you a masterpiece.




Six-strand cotton thread, 6 skeins of thread plus 2 metres of flower thread.



4 packets of green, brown and autumn shades of bamboo, mohair and cotton yarns



3 different fabrics

Satin-Chiffon 30 cm x 4 cm (11 x 1.5 “)

Green taffeta 10 cm x 4 cm (4 x 1.5”)

Lining of the bag (50 x 75 cm (20 x 20”)




  • Mixed pack of Chenille 18/24
  • Mixed packet of Crewel/Embroidery 5/10


  • Crystal tear-drop shape x 5


  • Beading wire #30 – 20 pieces 20 cm (8 “) in length



  • Long leather handles (sling bag style) x 2
  • A Button for closing the bag
  • Organza fabric (backing fabric) 60 x 40 cm (24 x 16″)
  • The Lessons, step by step, including close-up photography. The lessons are prepared onto a CD for you to read on your computer screen or you could have the lessons printed.
  • A3 size colour pictures x 3
  • Paper pattern sheet A3


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Box 16




Enjoy yourself! Can’t wait to see a photograph of your beautiful bag. 


Have fun.





love from Cape Town

Box of Lessons 16 (Limited Edition) Knitted Handbag with Silk Ribbon Roses – Complete Kit


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4 Responses to Box of Lessons 16 (Limited Edition) Knitted Handbag with Silk Ribbon Roses – Complete Kit

  1. Wavatar Layne says:

    The knit pattern and yarn are lovely. I can certainly understand why your dear mum would hesitate to take on such a big project again! I would love to knit something like this in a sweater. Would you be able to share the yarn source and method for knitting in this patchwork pattern? I can’t quite work out how it is done.

    Thank you kindly,
    Layne B.

  2. Wavatar Debra Daniel says:

    Hello. Is this bag still available? When I tried to get the price for The United States it comes up as $0.07 & says it is the South African price?
    Please advise. Thank you, Debra D

    • Hi Debra, this kit is completely sold out. If I can ever persuade my mum to knit the backgrounds again, I will make more kits :)

      At the moment she is still recovering from the last batch that went out!

      Have a good day today.

      Kind regards

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