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Captivating beauty of Cape Point


Good morning ♫♬♪ 

I thought I would show you where I hiked this weekend. 60 km south-west of Cape Town, at the tip of the Cape Peninsula, lies Cape Point, a nature reserve and a Natural Heritage site. Also known as the  “Cape of Storms” I was fortunate enough to hike there with some special friends and hikers.


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1 Cape Point fynbos and picturesque bays



Covered in endemic fynbos and home to picturesque bays, beaches, rolling green hills and valleys….
We came upon this beach, so pure in its natural beauty, almost untouched….



Captivating Cape Point



I took off my backpack to take these photos and two chacma baboons came to fetch it.

Luckily a fellow hiker saved my backpack, but this baboon seems to be saying: “OK next time!”



A backpacker




Did you know that the chacma baboons at Cape Point feast on the abundant supply of mussels, crabs and limpets along the shore?



In the photograph below, you will see the Peninsula Sandstone Fynbos which is a unique and threatened form of vegetation endemic to the Cape Peninsula.


The beauty of the Cape


 …and what can I say? This beach took my breath away.

I hope that one one day, you too, will have the pleasure of seeing it.



Beautiful beaches



We saw interesting creatures along the way, including wild ostriches, rock rabbits or dassies, buck and many sea birds.

Jagged rocks and vertical cliffs soaring more than 200 metres above the sea ….



Awesome views at Cape Point




It was sublime. Thank you for a lovely day Linda and Liz and Linda and Rose and everyone else on the hike!



Hike at Cape Point






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  1. Wavatar Edie Johnson says:

    It has always been my dream to visit Africa and go on treks just like you just did. When I was 13 I spent my summer afternoons typing an imaginary book about my travels in Africa. Perhaps you are my alteregoAfricans….if so you are living it just right.

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