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Needles: Chenille Size 18-24

Product Information:

Chenille needles: mixed pack of size 18, 20, 22, 24.

These are the needles to use for silk ribbon embroidery :)

There are six needles in this pack.

The needle should make a large enough hole in the fabric for the ribbon to pass through without being snagged or damaged. This way, the ribbon spreads to form a soft, open stitch instead of being scrunched up when pulled through a hole in the fabric that is too small. The eye of the needle should be long enough for the ribbon to fit into. The needles to use for this kind of embroidery are:

Chenille: A thick needle with a sharp point and a long eye. For:

13mm ribbon —use a size 16 chenille

7mm ribbon — use a size 18 chenille found in this pack

4mm ribbon — use a size 20 chenille found in this pack

2mm ribbon —use a size 22 chenille found in this pack

Needles: Chenille Size 18-24


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