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Needles: Embroidery/Crewel Size 5-10

Product Information:

Crewel/embroidery needles – mixed pack:

Embroidery needles are sharp, fine needles with a long, large eye.

In this pack you will find sizes 5 to 10 and there are sixteen needles in the pack.

Size 5 is the largest needle and size 10 is the finest.

Use size 9 for the DMC and other kinds of stranded cotton. Also for silk threads, Kreinik blending filament and metallic threads.

Use a size 10 for the Rajmahal Art. Silk.

Hint: The size 10 crewel/embroidery is ideal for beads if you do not have a beading needle.

Needles: Embroidery/Crewel Size 5-10


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