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Detached chain or lazy daisy

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Detached chain stitch or lazy daisy: A single stitch is formed at a time for interesting leaves and a circle of stitches makes a lazy daisy flower.

Come up and make a loop. Take the needle and ribbon all the way to the back, holding the loop in place. Come up inside the loop and secure it in place with a tiny stab stitch. Take the needle and ribbon all the way to the back before coming up to make the next stitch.

Use a gentle, even tension so that the ribbon does not scrunch up and add a bead or French knot in the centre of a flower.

Stitch diagram is © Metz Press and Di van Niekerk


2 Responses to Detached chain or lazy daisy

  1. Wavatar YEMAYA says:

    Tu trabajo me resulta fabuloso e increiblemente precioso, soy cubana y me hubiera gustado estar mas tiempo ahora que vi tu trabajo, para poder llevar la tecnica a mi proyecto comunitario de mujeres creadoras, que sin recursos pero con mucha imaginacion y corazon hacen cosas preciosas tambien, saludos tratare de ver los videos porque otra cosa no puedo hacer, no tengo tanto dinero para comprar, suerte

  2. Wavatar lutfahumam says:

    i can’t say anything
    ur work ……………fantastic


    god bless you


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