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On this page, you will find all sorts of interesting downloads……

Download Di van Niekerk’s ribbon colour chart here

pdf Catalogues, Colour charts - Di-van-Niekerk-Ribbon-colour-chart (427.59 kB)


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Other downloads for you:

1. Downloadable lessons are a fun way to learn something new in your own time.

2. Free designs which you are welcome to download for your collection with love from me

3.  List of Requirements for Embroidery Panels – these are the lists for our best-selling projects. The ribbons and threads that were used in the specific design

4. Colour Charts

5. Downloads for the Monograms & Words book this is the information referred to on page 16 of the Monograms book and the Embroidered Alphabets book

6. Downloads for DVDs — all the inserts: the pattern, stumpwork shapes and the list of requirements for each DVD

7. Printable Catalogues/catalogs for those of you who wish to print them

8. Written script for the hearing impaired used in the One on One DVD series: for you to see the written word





Downloadable Lessons
This box contains the step-by-step instructions with close-up, detailed photography of the Cheerful chickens and Wise owl.


Free Designs
Free designs for you to download and embroider
List of Requirements for Embroidery Panels
Written script for the hearing impaired used in the One on One DVD series


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