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Gift idea…


Hello everybody – hope you’re having a good day :))


Here is an idea for you to make a useful gift for a special friend

— a scissors case that I made out of white felt.
























I used spider-web roses to embellish it and sewed the edges together with blanket stitch.


Add a cute little button to close the case and make a handle with 7mm silk ribbon no. 33…

Add some lovely beads… Voilà


Enjoy your Thursday









5 Responses to Gift idea…

  1. Wavatar Bonnie says:

    Hello. I know this is an older post, but your little scissor holder is all over Pinterest! Do you by chance sell your pattern? I’m not a sewer so I can look at your holder all day long and STILL not know where to begin. Thank you:) Bonnie

    • Hi Bonnie
      I am not sure where the pattern is, if I find it, I will email you the link to download it. This will take a while as we are awfully busy at the moment, but I will look for it and hopefully find it for you :)

      • Wavatar Paige says:

        Hi, Di

        I am interested in the scissor case as well that Bonnie was interested in in 2016. Do you have the pattern? Also, I am located in the United States. I saw your list of US stores from your website. Do they carry all of your supplies, i.e., ribbons, wool felt, etc.? If not, how do I order directly from you?

        Thank you.


        • Hi Paige, the scissors case is sold out and if I do re-introduce it, I will let you know.
          If the stores in the USA do not have what you need, you are welcome to order from us directly (info@dicraft.co.za) and if you email the list we will arrange everything for you. Or you can order online.
          Have a good Monday!

  2. Wavatar somijoon says:

    amazing . tnx alot

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