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How to make oranges


How to make oranges – a free tutorial for you 


Click on image to enlarge


Hello! The sun is shining happily in Cape Town and it’s Thanksgiving day and today I thought you would enjoy learning how to make oranges!


To brighten up your day… here is the tutorial from my book: Ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. The oranges in the above design are made in the same way.



Panel 10 from the flower sampler in the book… Click on image to enlarge







A list of what you need for the little orange tree in panel 10 of the book… Click to to enlarge






How to make the basket …. Click to to enlarge






How to make the tree trunk and the oranges… Click on image to enlarge








Make the green core and adding leaves and a bird… Click on image to enlarge






… and how to make little forget-me-nots at the base of the basket :) Click on image to enlarge






I hope you enjoyed this little lesson :)



The new re-vamped edition of Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork is available here from Amazon in the USA, here from Search Press in the UK and here from Metz Press in South Africa. 






I have some love masterpieces to share with you soon. To keep in touch:





 ….. and Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/divanniekerk




Enjoy the rest of your day. Happy Thanksgiving Day, Happy Stitching!






12 Responses to How to make oranges

  1. Wavatar Kanika says:

    Ur wrk left me mesmerised..no words left..hats off..

  2. Wavatar Nasim says:

    It is amazing.tnx for your beautiful art.If I can To make it,It is my best handy craft of my life

  3. Wavatar haddad.reyhane says:

    very nice thankkkkkk u

  4. Wavatar maryam says:

    very very good.tanks a lot

  5. Wavatar SYLVIE RATHNAVALU says:

    this was a beautiful piece to embroidery thanks di

  6. Wavatar walaa says:

    you are wonderful .. thank you so mush :)

  7. Wavatar MIRTA OYARZUN says:


  8. Wavatar hosna says:

    very good . thanks.

  9. Wavatar شهناز says:

    سلام. از لطف شما ممنونم .لطفا کارهائ دیگری آموزش دهید.

  10. Wavatar zohara says:

    wow… ur great.. thank you so much

  11. Wavatar marta says:

    Acabo de descubrir estas maravillas. Yo bordo con cintas desde hace años, pero ustedes le dan un gusto y calidad especial.
    Me gustaria comprar sus libros.
    Un saludo

  12. Wavatar sandya26 says:

    Wonderful as usual. thanks Di for your kindness. God Bless you

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