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JK5. On The Garden Fence Complete Kit (A6 Petite Size)

Product Information:


◕‿◕   I am pleased to tell you that this very popular Jill Kirstein design is now available in kit form.


JK 5 On The Garden Fence (A6 Petite Size) Complete Kit.


Embroidered by the gifted Emma Kriegler from South Africa. I just love this little bird 


Click on the image to enlarge


JK 5-On-the-Garden-Fence



And the embroidered piece taught in this kit…



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JK5-On the garden fence


 The kit contains:

2 x A6 size embroidery panels (size of image is 12.5 x 10.5 cm or 2.5 x 4.2”) printed onto a larger piece of fabric.

There will be two panels in the kit: one for the little bird and the other to embroider onto



Colour pictures to guide you

Notes and diagram written by Emma Kriegler


Di van Niekerk’s silk ribbons x 12 packets:

2mm x 2 packets

4mm x 2 packets

7mm x 3 packets

13mm x 4 packets

38mm x 1 packet



5 skeins of six-strand cotton thread


Wool and silk fibres

2 packets of assorted colours and textures


Note: there will a lot of threads and ribbons left over to use in another project or to share with a friend.




JK5. On The Garden Fence Complete Kit (A6 Petite Size)


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