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Loop stitch


Loop stitch


Loop stitch is useful for making clusters of small flowers or leaves.   

In the example below you will see the orange and lavender flowers which were made this way…




Use silk or organza ribbon and working over a spare tapestry needle, form a loose loop as shown below.   


Click on the image to enlarge…          



Optional: With a single strand of thread (use a matching colour or yellow or green) secure each loop with a tiny stab stitch placed at the base of the stitch. This will prevent the loop from pulling out of shape and at the same time you are able to “tell” the loop in what direction you would like it to lie i.e. facing sidewards or upwards. 


You could go one step further and add stamens to form little flowers:  

Use one strand of thread and make a French knot on top of each loop, or use a tiny seed bead.





For a free tutorial on using loop stitch you are welcome to see it here   ◕‿◕ 


I have also made a PDF for you to download this stitch for your collection.  


pdf Stitches - Loop stitch by Di van Niekerk (257.42 kB)





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  1. Wavatar gracie says:

    A very nice stitch combination

  2. Wavatar Patricia Jay says:

    Hello Di, Please advise as to the price of this book: Loop Stitches in USA Dollars, thank you, Have a great year 2014, Pat Jay/texas

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