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In this issue: E-Book, Gorgeous Little Owls, Bonus Hamper
Greetings from a chilly but sunny Cape Town. Everyone is waiting to hear when the competition book: "Silk Ribbon Embroidery - a collaboration of artists from around the world" will be out.

The good news is that Annine says she should be finished by the end of May; Werner says he should have it published by mid-June :)
  The new book  
Annine has been working hard to collect all the data and the images from the competition winners and is now busy with the editing process. It is a massive task and Annine told me how she appreciated everyone's co-operation. She will try to fit in what she has received from each person, bearing in mind that space may not allow her to fit in all the text supplied. She is grateful to those who made a special effort to assist with instructions and good images.

THANK YOU for all your hard work everybody! I simply cannot wait to see this beautiful book and will keep you posted as soon as Werner lets me know it's ready! In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy seeing a few of the masterpieces which will feature in the book...
Shades of Summer by Leonora Roodt from Johannesburg, South Africa is a beauty and the detail in this picture is wonderful. You will learn a lot from it, of this I am certain!
  Captivating little owls  
Olive , the owl on the left, is by Marina Zherdeva from Moscow... and Red (on the right) is by Olga Smirnova from St Petersburg. Both these owls were painted by the super-talented artist: Cori Dantini and I think she will be thrilled to see what they have made with her brilliant pieces!
Lena Thiel from Sweden made a glorious owl on a felted background to use as an iPad cover and when you see her completed piece, you will love it! This is Lena's illustration ♥ Don't you just love it?
...and this is Carol Bianconi from Huntington Beach in California's Girl Reaching ... I do so love her hair!
As soon as Annine and Werner have published this beautiful book, I will let you know. Not long to wait now!

It will be so inspiring to view the collection of the most beautiful of all your embroideries with close-up detail, in a beautiful book.

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  New Stockists  
We have added new stockists and you are welcome to find your nearest store or teacher here . I thank each and every one of our stockists for all their hard work and dedication to needlecrafts - without you the world would be a dreary place! For those who cannot find a stockist in your area, you are welcome to contact Renn and she will assist you with your order.

Our currency is in your favour...

The ZAR (South African Rand) is now over 9 to 1. In other words:

R90 = less than 10 US$
R900 = less than 100 US$

This is a good time to take advantage of the extremely favourable exchange rate!

For those of you who do not have a store or teacher near you, you are welcome to have a look here for Box Full of Lessons - the perfect way to learn at home!
A super new Bonus for you this month!

With every order that you place for R 950.00 (a little more than 100 US$) you will receive a divine BONUS HAMPER to the value of 10% of your order. This hamper contains lovely and useful threads, wools, fibres, beads, organza ribbon, embroidery panels, needles, pieces of thin leather for making pots and other lovely shapes, pure cotton fabric for embroidery... among other things. It's a lovely way to stock up on exciting new goodies... Enjoy!
  New ribbons  
I have added three new colours to my range of ribbons and these are available in all the widths and in silk and organza. These are the colours I have added:

Number 145: Porcelain
Number 146: Mellow Yellow
Number 147: Strawberries

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A lovely free design

This lovely nature scene titled "Wishing Well" is perfect for ribbon embroidery and you will receive this free design for your collection with every order that you place on my website.
  The Fairest Cape  
I did promise to send you pictures of the hike we did on Sunday in Silvermine to Muizenberg peak. It was such a lovely hike. We saw the sun rise and we walked and climbed, surrounded by the Fynbos and saw so many beautiful sights - I was revitalized! How I love Cape Town. One day I hope that you too will visit this beautiful city and see these magnificent views.
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Enjoy your embroidery and have a happy, creative time
Till next time... go well, Hamba kahle!

Kindest regards