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Montpon-Ménestérol in France


24700 Montpon-Ménestérol in France


A warm welcome to Valérie Simonin of Le chat qui brode in Montpon-Ménestérol in FRANCE


Le chat qui brode in Montpon-Ménestérol now keeps my ribbons and the panels/designs and ribbons  for my books.


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Valérie Simonin address details are:


Name of the business: Le chat qui brode



Owner name and contact person : Valérie Simonin


Physical address of the shop : 4 place Gambetta

                                                24700 Montpon-Ménestérol









Don’t you love the name of  Valérie’s shop…. the cat who embroiders ?







Ribbons Little Flowers book for website



Shop hours : Tuesday to Saturday

09:00 – 12:30       14:30 – 19:00








E mail address : valerienova@hotmail.fr


Telephone number :

Website:  lechatquibrode.blogspot.fr


One day I too hope to visit her beautiful shop!


Welcome to our team, Valérie :)




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