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Natures Bounty Embroidery Kit

Product Information:

This beautiful kit contains:

1. The embroidery panel with the image which is A3 in size (29 x 36 cm or 11 x 14 inches) printed onto a large 100% cotton cloth – ready to embroider.

Note: The large cloth will fit easily in your frame or hoop.


2. Instructions and stitch diagrams


3. The colour picture (actual size) of the embroidered piece to guide you as you stitch.

4. All the threads (25 skeins)which you will need to complete this gorgeous design.


5. All of Di’s hand-painted silk and organza ribbons (47 packets) which you will need to complete this beautiful design.


Note: There will be a lot of ribbon left to use in other projects or to share with a friend.


An ideal gift for any embroiderer!


























Natures Bounty Embroidery Kit


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2 Responses to Natures Bounty Embroidery Kit

  1. Wavatar Corinna says:

    Good afternoon.
    I am heartbroken. Somehow I have lost the b/w directions for natures bounty……. Is it possible to send me a copy?
    I have the panel and ribbons etc. but need direction where to go with it.
    Kind regards

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