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Pansies and Bumblebees by the talented Olga Smirnova from St. Petersburg


Pansies and Bumblebees by the talented Olga Smirnova from St. Petersburg


Hello, stitching world. I have something really gorgeous to share with you today by the much-respected ribbon embroiderer, Olga Smirnova from St. Petersburg. I had the great pleasure of spending time with Olga when I visited her beautiful city and we got on so well, it felt like I had known her all my life.






Olga is an incredibly talented embroiderer and two of her masterpieces are featured in the beautiful book: Silk Ribbon Embroidery — A collaboration of artists from around the world that was published to showcase the winners of the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition 2012. 


And Olga has kindly shared this exquisite masterpiece with us. 


Click on the images to enlarge


Pansies and Bumblebees by the talented Olga Smirnova from St Petersburg



And look at this masterpiece….



Pansies and Bumblebees by the talented Olga Smirnova from St



Don’t you just love the way Olga has created the foreground with pale yellow and green woolly fibre? 



Lovely texture



Here are the close-up pictures of the little bees – don’t you just love them? Olga has cleverly used fine embroidery wool for the fluffy effect.


Click on the images to enlarge


Little bee 1




Little bee 2



a happy little bee  :-) 



Happy little bee



And look at her Pansies….






And another….



More beautiful pansies



and a Yellow one…



Yellow Pansy



Look at the dimension!



Look at the dimension!









Thank you, Olga, for your generosity and for always sharing so willingly with embroiderers across the world.


We all salute you!


Soon I will show you other masterpieces by very talented artists across the world. You are most welcome to join to stay in touch with the latest updates or link up on Facebook and Twitter


Have a nice week and happy stitching!







16 Responses to Pansies and Bumblebees by the talented Olga Smirnova from St. Petersburg

  1. Wavatar Balbir Kaur says:

    Wow!!! It’s where I want to reach with my embroidery work….
    This is soooooo perfect! Olga, can you pls tell me how u managed this
    3d bee…. loved the whole art but the bee tops it all

  2. Wavatar Borgmästaren says:

    I Love your bumblebee and had to make my own little one. Thanks for the marvellous idea!!!

  3. Wavatar Pam Turner says:

    Have just moved into Bumblebee Cottage and would love to know how to make the bee for my hallway. Alternatively, if you do supply them ready-made I’d be interested to know how much they cost please.

  4. Wavatar Philo says:

    Very nice work! Love the bumble bee!

  5. Wavatar liz meek says:

    The florals and bees are fabulous, keep up the great work. Maybe a tutorial on how to do the bees in the future

  6. Wavatar Ilze says:

    Dear, Olga!

    This is wonderful work!!!!!!!!!!

    Especially I admire your Bumblebee! Fantastic natural!!!

    I see now, that in your finger and mind are God’s perfect creativity skills!

    Amazing wonderful work!!!

    All respect to you!

    Ilze with greeting from Riga, Latvia,.

  7. Wavatar Bev feeney says:

    would love to learn how to make your bee, just beautiful

    • Wavatar Sharon says:

      Hello Bev,
      I came across your work, I would really like to know how you made the bumble bee for a project I have in mind. Your work is mind boggling.
      Kind Regards

  8. Wavatar Claudine Mcnab-Jones says:

    wow. Gosh threat is absolutely beautiful. I hope one day to be able to stich something so realistic. Very very clever.

  9. Wavatar Jennifer Sheldone says:

    Such beautiful work

  10. Wavatar barbara says:

    hallo, habe diese wunderbare stickerei gefunden.die hummeln sehen aus wie die hummeln im sommer in meinen garten!! viele grüsse aus deutschland

    Google translate: Hello, I have found this wonderful embroidery. The bumblebees look like the bumblebees in the summer in my garden !! Many greetings from Germany

  11. Wavatar Marion in the UK says:

    Oh my goodness! I can smell the flowers and hear the bees from here. Absolutely stunning Olga – thank you so much for sharing. I could never even hope to aspire to such exquisite work but I am so grateful for the inspiration Olga gives. Best wishes and kind thoughts from cold, wet North Somerset in the UK. Marion

  12. Wavatar Malak says:

    every ribbon embroidery is beautiful thanks a lot….

  13. Wavatar Carol Y says:

    Her work is simply beautiful. Thanks for the close-up pictures.

  14. Wavatar Mary Corbet - needlenthread.com says:

    Oh wow! Absolutely stunning work – and I adore the happy little bee!

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