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1. Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork Book (RES)

Product Information:

Covers English


The fifth book from the pen of well-known South African embroiderer designer, Di van Niekerk.

 The book on the left is the Classic Volume (second edition) and the book on the right is the new, revamped, updated edition.

When you place your order, we will write back to enquire which edition you would like.


This book is a must-have for all lovers of silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.

It is suitable for first-time embroiderers as well as those who wish to learn brand new techniques.

Its unique in its combination of ribbon embroidery and stumpwork and offers the following :

The twelve panels of this outstanding design are each individually explained with step-by-step photographs and instructions, including a comprehensive guide to all needles, thread and ribbon required.

It includes several new techniques for experienced embroiderers.

A comprehensive stitch glossary with colourful illustrations of more than 40 stitches.

General information of stumpwork techniques. More than 30 floral designs to choose from.


♫♬♪♫ This is the perfect book for those wishing to learn about silk ribbon embroidery and how to add three-dimensional effects in a design.


Have a look here for some close-up photographs of this lovely sampler.


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Note: to order the RES book in Afrikaans, please click here


Covers English

Click here to download the names and codes of the ribbons and threads for the old, classic volume (on the left) RES book.

Note: The new, updated version does not require you to download a list.

pdf Lists - Names and codes for the Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork RES book (89.97 kB)


1. Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork Book (RES)


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11 Responses to 1. Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork Book (RES)

  1. Wavatar Sarah says:

    Can u plz send this book to iran?thx

  2. Wavatar Sherry Perryman says:

    I just received my kit! However I purchased the RES book from Amazon. The book is still on order, should I cancel my order and order the book from you? I can’t start the kit until I have the instructions.

    Sherry Perryman

  3. Wavatar gingertea says:

    Please advise if this book available to purchase and the shipping cost to Bangkok, Thailand as well. Thank you!

  4. Wavatar Mei says:

    May I know how much would be the postage to Malaysia for this book. thank you

  5. Wavatar Jackie Corsi says:

    I wonder if you could tell me, in GBP, how much postage and packing is to the UK. I love your book, Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork, but can’t possibly afford it from Amazon UK. If I could afford it I would, therefore, prefer to buy it from you.
    Many thanks.
    With kind regards

    • Hi Jackie
      The book is out of print and that is probably why it is so expensive. Hopefully my stockists in the UK still have some in stock. Please have a look here:

      and type in United Kingdom in the search bar.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can do to assist. We are busy revamping the RES and it should be on the shelves sometime soon.

      Have a good Monday
      Kindest regards


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