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Di van Niekerk’s Silk  and Organza ribbons

Di van Niekerk, author of ten embroidery books, has her own dazzling range of hand painted pure silk and organza ribbons to suit every occasion.

There are 135 beautiful, natural colours to choose from and, as the need arises, new colours are introduced.

Di hand paints all of her highly sought after ribbons, which makes them ideal for ribbon embroidery, jewelery-making and other crafts. Turn your work into a masterpiece with minimum effort on your part!

The Silk and Organza ribbons are variegated and designed for authentic, life-like flowers and leaves. They are colourfast and washable. As her ribbons are all hand painted and not dyed, the colour is stronger along the edge of the ribbon. This is what results in such a natural finish.

The different shades blend beautifully, allowing the colours to merge with one another so that your completed embroidery looks so real, you will be delighted with the results! There are 11 different widths to choose from.

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Note: You are able to order a ribbon kit for any of the projects in her books.

We have many talented and dedicated stockists throughout the world and you are welcome to search here for  your nearest store. When you order from your nearest stockist, quote the number and width of the ribbons you would like to order, or the name of the ribbon kit that you require.

If you are unable to locate a stockist near you, you are welcome to order from the categories below.

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 Ribbon Starter Packs


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