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Russia. Moscow


Our stockist in Moscow Russia



Marina Zherdeva



Marina is one of three exclusive dealers in Russia for my products

and one of the most talented embroiderers in the world.


She has a gift for silk ribbon embroidery and three-dimensional work.



Click on images to enlarge













If you need any of my ribbons, panels and books,

you are most welcome to contact Marina

- she is always willing to help.














Her details:
Marina Zherdeva, Moscow, Russia
e-mail: marina.zherdeva@gmail.com


Embroidered Monogram by Marina  - this design is available in my Embroidered Alphabets and Monograms and Words Books.



































Have a look at the images below to see more of Marina’s magnificent embroidery.

She loves the Flower Fairies™, just as much as I do ♥


Click on the images to enlarge


















































….and have a look at these … enjoy :)




























..and Poppies














..and a Topiary Tree













…and a Pansy Garland…















Magnificent, don’t you think?


5 Responses to Russia. Moscow

  1. Wavatar Jocelyne Loiselet says:

    bonsoir Marina
    vos broderie sont de toutes beautés félicitation je vous suis déja sur facebook depuis bien longtemps
    vendez vous vos œuvres et avez vous un blog merci a vous et bonne soirée

  2. Wavatar Julia says:

    Do you have dealers in Saint-Petersburg?

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  4. Wavatar maraisnb says:

    Marina your ribbon embroidery on the fairies are awesome. It takes my breath away.

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