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Spring Wreath/Nature’s Circle-a kit

Product Information:


Due to popular demand, we are now packing a kit for the lovely Spring Wreath design, also known as Nature’s Circle




The kit contains:



Spring Wreath Panel


-the Spring Wreath design in full colour printed onto pure cotton fabric. Design is 16 cm x 16 cm (6,3″ x 6,3″) with a generous border of fabric around the design for it to fit inside a hoop.

-another panel (this panel is free of charge) size as above, but with digits added to form a clock. This you can make with some of the left-over ribbons and threads from the kit. 



Free Panel-Spring Wreath Clock



-two large pages with close up photographs of the completed piece to use as a guide


- 11 skeins of thread (six-strand cotton) 


- PLUS 29 Packets of Di van Niekerk’s silk ribbons in various widths.


Note: threads and ribbons that you have left-over can be used in the Spring Wreath clock design, which is included free of charge.


There are no written instructions, but very simple stitches were used and the enlarged, close-up colour pictures will guide you well.



Enjoy! I would love to see your creation!



Spring Wreath/Nature’s Circle-a kit


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