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Tanzania. Dar es Salaam


Our stockist in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


Ribbon Embroidery Shop.


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The Ribbon Embroidery Shop is a well-known location in Dar es Salaam

and Arafa stocks my range of ribbons, books, printed panels and DVDs.

If you would like to attend ribbon embroidery classes,

which are held every Tuesday,

or need to stock up on supplies, you are welcome to contact Arafa.














Shop hours are: Tuesday 0900 – 1300 (classes and shop),

other days open by appointment.

Contact details: Ribbon Embroidery shop
Contact person: Arafa
186b Kimweri Rd
Dar es Salaam

Tel 255713309050 or 255762224005
e mail: ribbon-embroidery@hotmail.com


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