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Flower Fairy book
Hi there

Just wanted to say that the Fairy book is wonderful. You can see how much work has gone into this and the best part is that it is nice and thick so one can ponder over the book for ages.

It is very informative, has clear concise instructions and great easy to look at pictures.

This book is ideal for the beginner, intermediate and advanced embroider and can be used as a great learning tool.

I am very impressed and every teacher in the country should have this book on her shelf.

Di, a fabulous book and a job well done. I look forward, as usual, to the next book.


Annamaria Kelly
Embroidery teacher in Fourways, Johannesburg

Annamaria Kelly Embroidery teacher in Fourways, Johannesburg

Happy New Year to both of you, Di and Renn. I was very happy to find your package waiting for me this morning and I have just finished tearing into it with as much excitement as a dragon adding to her treasure.

The Flower Fairies is a beautiful book and as always, Di, your work is impeccable and lovely. Each fairy is adorable and I find that it is impossible for me to pick a favorite. I am also very pleased with the beautiful ribbons and threads. I know I will enjoy the contents of this package for a long time.

Thank you for all the follow up that you two practice in the care and keeping of your purchasers. The fiber art world may be deemed delicate by some, yet we are a robust group of enthusiasts who are tied together with our love of color, texture and creativity. We need to care for each other.

Happy stitching,
Suellene USA

Suellene USA
Flower Fairy book

Package arrived today. Thank you for the threads! The designs are beautiful.
Thanks also for suggesting that I get the stumpwork panels. I had not
thought of that.

I just looked at the book and was excited to see that it was signed and
there was a Christmas design in it. I had forgotten about that! Di does
lovely work and the best thing about her books is the detailed photos. I
feel as though I am seeing the real thing.

You must thank your photographer
for quality work.
Thanks again, Barbara
Barbara in Ft. Walton Beach, FL USA

Barbara in Ft. Walton Beach, FL USA

Dear Di and Renn

Have just received parcel fairy patterns, threads and ribbons plus my free Heliotrope pattern which I thank you very much for. I'm so excited with them all and don't know which one I will start with. Have just about finished the second African lady design and have really loved doing them as the colours are so beautiful I just love colour it makes a person feel so much happier.

Looking again at my parcel I'm sure I feel like a kid in a lolly shop, my housework will have to wait, you know one has to get their priorities right and I'm sure my parcel is much more important than housework.

Once again thank you for my fairy gift and hope to hear from you again soon.

Love and best wishes to you all, your friend in embroidery,
Pauline Plunket, Australia

Pauline Plunket, Australia
Subject: Fairies

Dear Renn!

Hello from a cold and rainy Vienna. On Friday I received the nicest parcel
of the world. Everything has come healthy and it looks in original even
better. Thank you so much. Though I have for three years to do, but in this
case it seems miraculous.

Kind regards
Andrea from Vienna, Austria

Andrea from Vienna, Austria
Flower Fairy book

With great anticipation I hastily cut the package open that contained the
new Flower Fairies book. It felt like a long-lost friend that has finally
come home when I took the book into my hands. Di, you've done it again! A
winner and I have not even opened the front cover.

I absolutely love the type of paper finish your book covers have and this book looked simply
amazing! Life came to a standstill for me as I took the book and went to sit
in my recliner. What a treat! The close-up photos with such clarity and
detail, a wonderful stitch gallery in colour, the most informative 'Hints
and Tips' pages and clear descriptive 'Method' sections had me totally

Which fairy is prettier than another? There is no comparison as
each project is totally unique. The Periwinkle Fairy has a truly royal shirt
and a brand new way of embroidering the leaves; The Red Clover Fairy's dress
looks so soft to the touch and the red clover flowers are truly awesome; I
simply loved the smooth and silky effect of the long and short stitches of
the Black Medick Fairies; Oh, how wispy and flowing the organza dress of the
Stork's-Bill Fairy and life-like the grasshopper appeared; and last, but not
least, the White Clover Fairy with hair so real, you can almost see somebody
that somebody has just run a comb through it!

This book is a feast for hungry eyes and contains ingredients to feed an enquiring mind. Stump work at its best and layering of materials with striking effect. Each fairy's
shimmering wings is absolutely perfect and the flowers and leaves - ready to
be picked! Thank you, Di, for sharing your knowledge and making embroidery
an exciting and challenging hobby. Renn, thank you too for the professional
manner in which you keep one up-to-date with an order. Thank you, also, to
the people working in the background and are not always called by name. Know
that you are all appreciated for the tasks you fulfill. Di, this comes with
much love and admiration to a great person. You are cherished!
Fondest love Shirley - Tasmania, Australia

Shirley - Tasmania, Australia
Thank you

Hi Renn,

Thank you very much for your kindness. It's much appreciated.

Warm Regards

Jutta M.

Jutta M. from Port Orchard, WA 98366, USA
17 march 2011
avatarHi dearest Di!!


Hope you are doing fine.


I'm spending every spare minute on embroidery of your beautiful prints, especially flower fairies (I just love them all!), and feel perfect even with flu when your ribbons touch my hands, and always sent my thanks to you from all my heart!


May your day be bright and happy!


Marina Zherdeva, Moscow, Russia



Marina Zherdeva
16 March 2011

Just to let you know that my parcel arrived today. Much quicker than I
thought it would be.
Your books are gorgeous and I hope to do them all eventually. I also do
parchment craft
and I have done several of your patterns as small pictures with parchment
frames and they
are always very well received. I think your new fairies will make beautiful
pictures in this way
I also think that your little mouse will be appearing on one of my scrapbook
pages as well.
He is so cute.

Dear Di,

I wanted to tell you that the package arrived on Friday May 15th. I picked
it up at the post office on Monday May 18th. I opened the package and felt
so happy
to see such an array of pretty colored silk ribbons and threads and the
painted canvas is GORGEOUS. I am soooooooooo excited to get started on this
project. Thank you so much for sending the red topiary tree as a little
bonus. I think that was generous of you all. Thanks for your time,
creativity and effort.

Warm regards,



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