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"Perfect world is a perfect project for beginners and advance embroiderers.
(I am self taught). I loved every moment of the project. The illustrations
are so clear and easy to follow. I am not good at stumpwork, and have made
some changes, but you can certainly follow every
detail in the book with ease and do the stumpwork.

I changed some pictures to suit my style of embroidery. The nice thing about
the project is that you can give it your own personal touches
without destroying the original beauty and still get a great result. I am
so pleased with the finished article. Please keep them coming."

I have loads of ribbon left which I can use for other projects. Thank you.

I have the first two DVDs and the printed sampler so will get started on
the next picture soon.

Kind Regards

What can I say, except thank you very much.
I am still amazed at the HIGH level of service afforded to me.
Looking forward to receiving my designs.
Kind regards



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