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Dear Renn & Di,

My order arrived yesterday and it is wonderful! Everything was packaged beautifully and I am so impressed with the embroidery panel, ribbons and threads! Everything is gorgeous. I was also thrilled with my bonus hamper - a veritable little treasure chest of awesome goodies that I can't wait to use! Thank you so much for everything, including the fantastic customer service!

I'm so thrilled with everything and I want everyone who may be hesitating to order for any reason, to know not to hesitate! Everything is top quality and those silk ribbons are amazing - I've never seen any ribbons so artistically dyed or painted. They were packed well too. Nothing was damaged and it all arrived quickly as well.

I'm really so pleased I barely know how to express just how happy I am.

Warm regards, from Dianne Watson


Tennessee, USA
Renn and Di:
Just wanted to let you know I received my latest order this last week. Delivery was much faster than in the past. Thanks.
Opening the package is always such a treat .. . . I feel like a small child discovering all the goodies in a candy store.
Again, thanks for the prompt delivery. I spread the word about you and your site all the time.

Leslee from Conroe, Texas, USA
Hi Renn

Thank you so much for the prompt attention to my order, as always it is just such a pleasure to deal with professional people. I look forward to receiving my parcel shortly and will enjoy embroidering the picture as it is a present for my niece.

Have an awesome day!

Leoni from Bryanston, Johannesburg
Hello Renn,


I am certain you have heard all of this before, but wanted to tell you that I love your kits and pictures! I have looked to purchase your items in stores in the US, but most have a very limited supply and/or non-functional webpages. I appreciate very much the generous Bonus Hampers! They allow me to create even more! Although I am not an expert, many of your kits have made wonderful gifts for family and friends. Thank you!



Tolono, Illinois, USA
Good Morning Renn.
My order of beautiful ribbons etc., has arrived by post, thank you so much.

The order is perfect and complete and I so appreciate your efficiency and care.
I look forward to using these beautiful ribbons in the weeks ahead
and know that I will enjoy the completed projects too !

Thank you once again for all your professional advice and support.

My very best wishes to all


Helen from Kiltrea, Enniscorthy, Ireland

Hi Renn - I got my package - what beeeautiful ribbon! I was very excited to get it because I have been making progress on the Roses sampler in the book. It is truly amazing and I have been learning the new techniques with larger ribbon (the 32mm and 13mm). I will be needing some more and so you will be seeing another order from me soon. Hope you are doing great and love to you and miss Di van. You are my idols!
Kindest regards,


PS You are a household word with the ladies in my embroidery group here!

Jennifer, California, USA

Dear Renn,   I want to let you know that my order has arrived in pristine condition and much sooner than I expected.

I thank you sincerely for your efficiency and prompt dispatch.

I LOVE the ribbons etc., and cannot wait to take my first step into this new world of craft !!

I am just going to try a Panel or two from Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork (Di van Niekerk) and see how I do.

Once again, sincere thanks to you all and thank you so much for making this a happy day for me.


Helen from Ireland
I purchased "Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork” in January 2010. It is a wonderful resource for the 30 stitches I want to learn for my Crazy Quilt Block, Needlebooks and Thread Holders projects. Thank you for teaching me so much, in a way a beginner can visually learn.

Caroline, Ventura, CA USA
Dear Renn,


Please tell Di that I am enjoying watching her DVDs and am so excited about starting my first project…


The DVDs are absolutely amazing and awe inspiring!


My heart is very full and happy as I anticipate working on this lovely project. The DVDs are so very well done!

The only thing that could make it better would be for me to be working at her side for a month or two. This is the next best thing since I can't afford the trip. Please send her warm wishes from me and big hug for sharing her passion and the gift of her love for needlework.

Warm regards

Nadine from Madison, Alabama, USA
Hi Renn,

Just letting you know the parcel has arrived and in, as expected, perfect condition.  I am very much looking forward to playing with my new toys :)

Thank you again for the fantastic service provided by yourself (and your team), and for your excellent web site.

Warmest regards


Kate from Australia


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