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In silk & organza ribbon COMPETITION 2015


I am thrilled and happy to publish the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition 2015 list of winners!

These are exquisite entries and each piece was made with such love and care.

Thank you for your love and dedication to Ribbon Embroidery!

I salute you


And the winners are:


First Prize: Sharon Nava, of Napico Manggahan Pasig City, Pasig, Philippines.

And this is her entry. Sharon is going on a TV programme within the next few hours to show case her beautiful work.

Congratulations Sharon, you make us proud!


Sharon Nava


This is what Sharon wrote:


Hi Di! 


This is my entry for your Circle of Roses Competition.

The finished gift item is for my husband who do cross stitch when he is away from us 9 months in a year. He is a seafarer and his ship is a tanker vessel that usually carries chemical and petroleum products worldwide. He works so hard for our family and I really, really love him for that. His birthday is December 25 and in our 18 years of marriage, we only spent 2 Christmas Eve together. Sorry, I just thought of it since it will just be a few days before Christmas.


He says he cross stitches so he won’t feel home sick. And he does not have a decent sewing box. I made one for him, using the circle of roses panel, quilted the wreath and place it in a sewing box. I also placed our family locket, my handmade piece made of polymer clay and a blue (his favourite colour) silk ribbon butterfly.


I have mostly combined the techniques in the Rose and Little Flower Books.


I have attached his pictures, some are blurred. He totally enjoys it.


I quilted the wreath so the centre is somewhat elevated. 


Thank you Di for having this competition. It was challenging and I enjoyed every stitch and techniques in it.


I will blog how I made this piece in detail. So you can also check on it.





screenshot 1


Kindest Regards,




And here is her husband, on the ship, doing his cross-stitch….





and this is what she made for him…. a gorgeous sewing box for his cross-stitch tools and threads.



 Sharon Nava



…. And he does not have a decent sewing box.

I made one for him, using the circle of roses panel, quilted the wreath and place it in a sewing box.

I also placed our family locket, my handmade piece made of polymer clay

and a blue (his favourite colour) silk ribbon butterfly…


Sharon Nava



Close-up detail of the roses….














Congratulations Sharon, your prize will soon be on the way to you. Enjoy!




And From Russia



Second Prize: Tatyana Dolganova, who lives in Russia, in the city of Lyubertsy of the Moscow region.


This is her winning entry and it is a beautiful piece!



 Tatyana Dolganova-L

I love the colours and the stumpwork leaves! Congratulations Tatyana!


Tatyana wrote:


Good afternoon, Di!

My name is Tatyana Dolganova. I live in Russia, the city of Lyubertsy of the Moscow region. I embroider with ribbons rather recently. But I find this equipment very fascinating. For participation in competition I got a print and some tapes in Raduga Hobby e-shop Moscow Russia shop. In the work I used two technicians: embroidery ribbons and stumpwork embroidery. I borrowed some ideas from your book Roses in Silk and Organza Ribbon. Also, in the work I used beads, metallic thread, a stranded cotton thread, and stumpwork wire. I devote this Circle of Love to my beloved father who died in October, 2015.

Yours faithfully, Tatyana



I love the colours and the stumpwork leaves! Congratulations Tatyana!






And from Iran….



Highly commended prize

The following entry is too beautiful for words. It did not win one of the main prizes as her piece was made on a different background fabric and Maryam used satin ribbon instead of silk, but it is so gorgeous that we have allocated her a prize in the highly commended section.

Highly Commended prize: Maryam Kiaee from Iran. Her piece is simply exquisite.







Isn’t it a beauty! Click on the images to enlarge…





Maryam wrote: 


Hi Di:

My name is Maryam and I’m from Iran. I have sent you some emails before (Do you remember?) to purchase ribbons and panel for the competition, but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. Despite the fact that I don’t have the conditions for participating in the competition, I really really wanted to be a part of it. So I’ve done the circle of Roses, circle of love, with my own materials and lots of love! I think there is no limitation for art.

I love ribbon embroidery very much and I started doing it 2 years ago. When I saw your website, it was like opening a new window to the world! Wow I loved your works, I could see that you doing them with passion and love.

I wish, I could have your books to learn more. Especially the Rose book and Little flower book. I did lots of projects from your web site.


I hope you accept my work. It took me almost 2 months to finish. I know that silk ribbons are much better for embroidery but I just had satin ribbon to work with.



Maryam Kiaee


Click on the image to enlarge




And I just love her story of her circle of love….


My story:


I am 48 years old and I live in Iran. I graduated from university with Ms in environmental science. I have two beautiful children and a loving, kind husband. I get and give lots of love from my family, parents and brothers and sister. Just like you and most people I lost someone precious that I wish to love and thank them more often, but there is someone that I have been forgotten for years… my inner child.


She was unhappy for a long time and I even didn’t know her! And didn’t notice her. I dedicate my work to her. As I started to see her more, I felt happy and beloved more and more. I can see the world better now, and love every one more than before. This view will make a big difference in my life that I wish I had known sooner.



Maryam Kiaee


I would like to congratulate every one of you!

Thank you for the love you put into your creation and thank you for sharing your talent with embroiderers across the world.

May these be an inspiration to all who love to create with needle, thread and ribbon  



Di van Niekerk






3 Responses to The winners of the CIRCLE OF ROSES/CIRCLE OF LOVE COMPETITION 2015

  1. Wavatar Cara Macknick says:

    I have been on this site only recently. What beautiful work and woman I have had the honor to read about! I too have a life journey that lead me to this website and the desire to learn this hobby but sadly I could not place an order. I do certainly understand how life forces us to make big changes. If you are aware of other places I may try to order from please let me know. Thank You and my Heartfelt care to all the beautiful woman! Love, Cara

  2. Wavatar sharon.nava1@gmail.com says:

    Hi Di :) Words are not enough to say thank you for having the Circle of Roses/Circle of Love Competition. You are with me ever since I started my journey with SRE 2 years ago, I consider you my mentor, my inspiration. Although your miles away, I always feel your presence whenever I stitch. Having watched your DVDs, your voice echoes as I do my stitches. I found myself opening all of your books especially the Little Flowers and Roses book everytime I decide what stitch or technique to use. I fell in love with the Circle of Roses, and your love and passion for this craft have been channeled thru it. Tatyana and Maryam’s works are both amazing and remarkable. Hope to finish more of your panels, the Roses is my work in progress and I need to have the RES kit soon. Happy Valentine’s Day Di ♥

  3. Wavatar Maryam kiaee says:

    Thank you Di for accepting me in this competition. Sharon and Tatiana’s works are wonderful and beautiful. they really are deserving the prize.This competition was full of love and life. I am sorry that this is the last challenge you have made for embroiderer!
    love Maryam

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