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Threading ribbon …



Threading ribbon:


Step 1

Use a chenille or tapestry needle that has a large (long) enough eye for the ribbon to fit into….


Click on images to enlarge











Step 2

Pierce end of the ribbon that you inserted into the needle….











Step 3

Pull the long tail to tighten the knot….












Step 4

Pull the tail until the ribbon locks itself onto the needle. This way you are able to save on ribbon













Enjoy your day!

4 Responses to Threading ribbon …

  1. Wavatar Deanne says:

    Your are truly an inspiring person! I can’t wait to begin silk ribbon embroidery. Just by chance the other day, I was able to purchase your Embroidered Alphabets book and I am so excited to try this method of embroidery. I told several colleagues about this style and they can’t wait to start their own projects. You have motivated us to explore and use our imaginations.

  2. Wavatar Em says:

    Absolutely beautifyl work! I’ve been looking around the web for ideas of things to do with the ribbons from my sister’s funeral flowers. She died way to young…only 57. I have all the ribbons from the flowers and hope to make something from them. Any advice? tks.

  3. I am right at the begining of my new experience of silk ribbon embroidery and find your web site both encouraging and amazing and very informative. I love to get lost looking at all your fantastic achievements, they are truly beautiful. Thank you

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