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Through our eyes


Good morning! I thought you would like to see what I see on our hikes around Cape Town. We are a group of 5 or 6 friends (we call ourselves the Walky Talkies for obvious reasons!) and we try to hike every weekend as it’s such a good way to stay fit and to recharge the senses.   These photos are from last weeks’ hike At Cape Point… can you see the zebra? We often see baboons and ostriches and wild buck and dassies and tortoises hurrying across our path and there are wildflowers everywhere! 


Zebra at Cape Point


The sea is wild and unspoilt. One can easily imagine there are no other people on the planet…




The beach…


The Beach at Cape Point


These are the footprints of a Cape otter





This is a natural spring known as Sirkelsvlei where the wild animals come to drink. This spring was completely dry not so long ago due to the drought and so we went back after the rains to see if the dam was full again, and it was almost full. We were so happy to see this beautiful sight!




This little chap was hoping for some of our lunch…




Do you see the Bontebok? Thought to be the rarest antelope in southern Africa…

He did not mind our meanderings at all. 




Good morning!




Thank you, Linda Rose, for your gorgeous photos! Have a good week, stitching world.






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  1. Wavatar gsquawkjones@msn.com says:

    Hi Di, loved reading your blog. You live in such a pretty area. Wondering if it would be okay for me to ask if I could use the second photo in your picture line up, for painting at some point. It is such a beautiful beach scene with so much color. I am looking for beach scenes to paint in watercolor or colored pencil, but I am just starting out so looking for simple ones like yours. Thank you for your time.
    In Christ,
    Gail J.

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