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Two beautiful roses for you from Inessa…


Good Day …hope you had a good weekend?


Remember in my last newsletter I promised I would show you a beautiful rose?

Well, to brighten up your week I have two beautiful roses for you…


Embroidered by the very talented Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina) from Moscow, Russia. 


 Click on the images to enlarge



I just love this rose…


See how she used ribbon stitch for the petals. With a very gentle tension she pulled the stitch into shape. The trick here is to use a large tapestry needle, or similar object (or your finger) under the stitch to support and lift it as you pull the ribbon to the back.





Hint: To stop the stitch from pulling out of shape when you make the adjoining stitch, use a matching colour thread on another needle.

Make tiny stab stitches at the tip and the base of the stitch. This will prevent the stitch from pulling out of shape.


Have a look at this tutorial about shaping stitches and look here for more about working with two needles…….


……And here is another magnificent piece by Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina)




Breathtakingly beautiful, don’t you think?


Here she used ribbon stitch to form the leaves and petals.  Then she added the stamens in thread using French knots and single knotted stitch.


I do like the frames that Inessa chose – they complement her work so well…





Thank you Инесса Тимонина (Inessa Timonina) for sharing your wonderful talent with all of us.

You have gladdened all of our hearts today.

Have a look at her amazing peacock here….What do you think of the tail — don’t you think it’s remarkable? 


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Happy Monday





13 Responses to Two beautiful roses for you from Inessa…

  1. Wavatar helya says:

    با سلام طرحاتون خیلی عالی بودند اگه میشه آموزش این طرحاتونو برام بفرستین با تشکر

  2. Wavatar freda says:

    well done ladies’ I love all of them what can I say;

  3. Wavatar Anonymous says:

    خیلی زیباستمتشکرم

  4. Wavatar amene says:

    ممنونم ازتون خیلی عالیه خیلی از سایتتون استفاده کردم

  5. Wavatar homeira says:


  6. Wavatar mehrnaz says:

    بسیار عالی بود
    سپاس گزارم

  7. Wavatar ویدا says:

    فقط میتوان گفت فوق العاده است.دست شما درد نکندتصاویرعالی هستند

  8. Wavatar Verónica Echeverría says:

    Muy lindo maravilloso quiero más imformacion para aprender yo en Chile

  9. Wavatar sahra says:

    this roses is beautful i love this work

  10. Wavatar teena says:

    its beautiful i love this work its amazing

  11. Wavatar خياطة وتفصيل says:

    thank you so much

  12. Wavatar خياطة وتفصيل says:

    so beautiful thank you so much ;)

  13. Wavatar fareena lafir says:

    wow gorgious roses . so amazing

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