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Two-Fuchsias KIT


Product Information:



A lovely little kit – to make two gorgeous Fuchsias


When I went to BATB in Australia to teach, I took some small Fuchsia packs for the workshop and they were extremely popular. So I decided to add a kit named the  “Two-Fuchsias Kit” for those who wish to make just the Fuchsia flowers.

Follow the instructions in The Art of Felting and Silk Ribbon Embroidery book on page 108.


From this new kit, you will be able to make two fabulous Fuchsias with the silk ribbons that are included.

Choose  Salmon /Soft Pinks or Plum/Dark Berry or lilac/plum shades from the bar which lies under the “add to cart button” at the top of this page, or mention the colour in the comments box when you check out. 




One of the ladies from New Zealand came up with the idea of a scissor fob and it turned out beautifully! Of course, you can turn each Fuchsia into a brooch (makes a lovely, unique gift for a special friend) or use the Fuchsias to adorn a straw hat, embellish a gorgeous handbag or whatever else takes your fancy. I like the idea of Fuchsia ornaments for my mum’s Christmas tree.




Plum-Berry pinks 

Plum/Dark Berry shades


Fuchsia - Plum/Berry Pink

Plum/Dark Berry shades


Salmon Pink

Salmon /Soft Pinks


Jazz up a straw hat…

Fuchsia Hat


Make a scissor fob or fabulous table decorations. The sky’s the limit!


Have a look at this beautiful handbag that Catherine Gerardson from Melbourne, Australia.

Here Catherine used the complete Fuchsia kit that you will find here. Enjoy!


 Click on the image to enlarge…


Would LOVE to see what you make with the Fuchsias!


****The kit includes enough silk ribbon to make 3 green leaves.


Contents of each kit:


Silk Ribbon
32mm silk x 2 packets for the petals/skirts
13mm silk x 1 packet for the leaves
13mm silk x ½ packet for the tube
Organza ribbon
3mm x 1 metre for the stamens and style
15 mm x 1 packet for the sepals
Thread, beads and needle also included.



Two-Fuchsias KIT

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