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Greetings to you from a warm and sunny Cape Town. At long last, the sun is shining and all the little creatures in the garden are basking in the sun. They sound happy and excited as they warm up after a cold winter. How I love this time of the year. The wildflowers are all around us and it's a beautiful sight, a thing to remember if you have ever seen the Cape flowers.

I am sure you are thinking to yourself: why am I receiving this newsletter? I thought Di had closed down…


Well, it's because we have opened Dicraft again! I found that I missed the ribbons and the excitement that comes with creating new concepts, new designs and I missed working with some of my favourite people!


So we got together and decided to open for orders on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The online shop is open all the time, of course, but we are in the office three days a week to process the orders and to communicate with our customers.

It will take longer than in the past to prepare orders because of our shorter working week, so if it is a birthday or Christmas present for someone special, do order ahead of time. If you don’t feel like going via the online shopping cart, you are welcome to order by email and we will assist you.

Please email us with any questions or feedback that you have. I know that some of you stocked up before we closed and that is a good thing as many of the kits that you ordered have been discontinued as their licenses have since expired. So you are the fortunate ones and I hope you will spend many happy hours with your embroidery—the very best therapy that there is, of that I am certain.


What’s new?

There are several new happenings and highlights since my last newsletter and here are some of them...


A New Book

During my time off I wasn’t idle, I enjoyed working on a new book with Toody Cassidy titled “The Art of felting and silk ribbon embroidery” and it has just been published! It was fun to do and I am sure that you will enjoy creating the lovely embroideries in this book. They make perfect gifts for that special person, as do the kits that were created for the book.


This is where you will find the book:

  • The South African edition by Metz Press is available here.
  • The UK edition (which is available worldwide via Search Press) is available here
  • and from the Book Depository (free shipping worldwide) here
  • And from Amazon here.

For a glimpse of what the book is all about, you are welcome to download the sample PDF here.



Fourteen beautiful new kits

I have added fourteen fabulous new kits for this book and you are welcome to read more about them here.

The prepared kits save you time and effort and it’s good to have everything that you need when starting a new project. Click on the images that interest you and you will be taken to the full page with all the details.

We welcome on board the gifted Dana Biddle of Colourspun and her amazing team and we thank all of them for making the felted backgrounds, the crocheted bands and bag handles and the silk paper for the felting book kits. It really is such a pleasure working with you, Dana!

To download the poster of the felting book for your students or for your studio/stand or for own info, you are welcome to save the PDF here.




To celebrate our new beginnings we are having a fabulous giveaway! Every silk ribbon embroidery kit that is ordered and shipped for our customers from today until the end of November will go into a draw and you will have the chance to win a signed edition of the new felting book, plus a new kit—Fuchsias on felted wool and silk!

As the parcels are shipped, names will go into a draw to be chosen at random and we will notify you during the first week of December. Good luck!


Six gorgeous new designs

GOOD NEWS! I know of quite a few of you who have missed embroidering beautiful landscapes and I have now licensed six gorgeous new landscapes by Peter McGowan and I think you are going to have a very hard time choosing. There’s certainly something for everyone and it’s a lovely project to launch for the holiday season! And exciting news… These six beautiful designs are also eligible for the new International SRE 2017-2018 competition!


A New Competition

A new energy, a new project for all of us and it is my wish that everyone (from teachers to shop owners to embroiderers the world over) all come on board to showcase this beautiful craft of ours and to become part of a global effort to learn from one another, no matter where we live in this world.


To do this, I have licensed exquisite artwork by Peter McGowan and they are part of the Magical Garden Collection or MGC here.

Click on each artwork to find out more and to see the details. The artwork is printed onto pure cotton or linen, in full colour, ready to embroider, and each one is available in 2 sizes: large and medium. Every embroidery panel in this collection is exquisite and just perfect for silk ribbon embroidery and stumpwork.

The competition runs until the 01 December 2018 so there is more than enough time to create your own beautiful interpretation and here are the details about the competition, prizes and the rules. You can also download the PDF from here and save it to your desktop to print out for your students or embroidery group.

To receive a beautiful poster of the new MCG designs for yourself or your students/embroidery group you are welcome to download the PDF here.


As you will see when reading the details, the prizes of this competition are fabulous and I would be so happy if everyone joined in. I encourage all teachers and shop-owners to tell their students and customers about this fantastic opportunity to be presented internationally to the silk ribbon embroidery world. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

If you would like us to make up a kit for you with the suitable range of silk ribbons for your chosen panel, we will gladly match ribbons for your chosen design. Here is the ribbon colour chart for you to refer to when choosing colours yourself. The colour numbers are the same no matter what width of ribbon that you choose.

Remember that there are dedicated and talented suppliers and teachers across the world. You are welcome to contact your nearest stockist to find out about their classes and to ask whether they could inquire about the International Silk Ribbon Embroidery Competition for 2017-2018.


What else is new?

RES NEW EDITION ♥ kit is on Special


Did you know that my best-selling RES book has been revamped and that there is a new version available? It is still, without any doubt, a fabulous teaching tool! With more than 100,000 books sold worldwide, it is a good choice for anyone wanting to learn about ribbon embroidery and stumpwork. The complete kit with all the threads, ribbons and the fabric panel is on special at the moment and it also qualifies for a 10 percent Bonus Hamper!


And some freebies…


Recipes for you

My little black recipe book by Siphokazi Mdlankomo… I just love, love this book by Siphokazi available from Metz Press.

Cooking is my life … says MasterChef SA 2014 runner-up, Siphokazi Mdlankomo, who captured the public imagination from the outset. Raised in a small village in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, she is admired for her natural culinary

talent. Her no-nonsense manner and outgoing personality have endeared her to foodies and amateur cooks from all walks of life. Click here to download the most delicious recipes from this book and enjoy! Try the sweet potato, butternut and feta bread, the Figs with blue cheese wrapped in Parma ham and the Blueberry Tart… Delicious!


Free tutorials

Dandy Dog

And to brighten up your day, a precious little dog! Here is a tutorial on how to go about embroidering a cute little dog, whether it is Dandy Dog or your own precious pet. Enjoy!

So, with all the new releases, I am sure that you will be inspired to stitch. Even if you embroider for twenty minutes a day, it really is such good therapy!

I will write more tutorials and add photos in the weeks to come. Subscribe for free to stay in touch with the latest news, specials and updates.


Other news

International workshops – BATB 2018


I am happy to tell you that, if there is enough interest, I will be teaching three workshops at BATB (Beating around the Bush), the world’s most beautiful international needlework convention.

BATB 2018 will be held on the beautiful grounds of Immanuel College, in Adelaide Australia from Wednesday the 3rd of October to Wednesday the 10th of October 2018.

I will be teaching for the absolute beginner and the advanced embroiderer as follows:

1-day workshop: the Medallion Rose Bracelet on felted wool and crocheted cotton.

2-day workshop: the Fuchsias on felted wool and silk

3-day workshop: all the countryside flowers and a Sunbird on a felted wool throw/blanket or a cushion.

To see the projects, download the poster here.

The BATB Catalogue will be available from 29 Sep at, with bookings opening on 5 Feb ’18. Enquiries can be emailed to

The good news is that my talented friend and gifted teacher, Karen Fraser, will be flying out from California to help me with my workshops so there will be two teachers in the classroom! So looking forward to seeing you there.


Bonus Hampers

We have a lovely new Bonus Hamper for you this month. Really useful rewards for your sewing box. Do read more about the bonus hamper here.


Share and learn

I received this gorgeous photo from the gifted artist, Kristina Nilsson of CREATIVE EMBROIDERY OF SWEDEN in Piteå. Read all about it on my blog here. Thank you for sharing, Kristina!


A gift for you

A sweet little design. With every order that you place on my website, you will receive a link to download this cute little cottage design for your collection. It’s a perfect opportunity to make a little gift for that special person in your life and a wonderful way to use up all your leftover

ribbons and threads. Enjoy ♥


Stay in contact

I look forward to meeting up and chatting with you on social media (click our icons below). There you can learn and share with embroiderers the world over.

I am so looking forward to seeing your competition entries! Enjoy your embroidery and have a happy time, stitching world

Until next time, be happy, goed gaan. With thanks...


and the team in Newlands, Cape Town


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